Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dang. Part II

So here it is, Thursday again. Time to discuss making healthy choices and check in on my weight loss progress. I think if you've read any of the last week's postings you'll agree that I need to check myself before I wreck myself.  If anything, there are several lessons that can be taken away from this past week.

1. Banking on getting the stomach flu is not really a good weight loss strategy.  Especially if part of that strategy is to eat half a pan of brownies in exchange for the calories you don't think you'll be able to intake due to the flu. Because you may not get the flu. And then you may stress yourself out thinking that there is some crazy reason you have a heightened immune system; causing you to eat the other half of the pan of brownies.

2. You know the saying about never grocery shopping on an empty stomach? I think we should extend that to never going grocery shopping with an upset stomach...yours or the baby you are toting along. Because you may just find yourself cleaning up your cart in the booze aisle of the store doing this kind of math: Alcohol kills germs. Wine is alcohol. It may take a whole bottle to kill the germs I am probably carrying around. 

3. Just because you were too busy staring at the wall to get up and bake cookies, does not mean you made a healthy choice. It may just mean you are incredibly lazy. And if you are incredibly lazy, then you probably didn't even come close to "exercising" in which case you probably would have burned more calories had you gotten off your patooty to do a little baking.  Either way, you should check yourself.

I think the most important part of this journey is not to beat yourself up. So, after checking myself and determining that I probably didn't make one healthy choice this week, and that I am currently on week 3 of making no progress whatsoever; I am going to go back to the basics.  According to my good friends at WW, there are 9 Good Health Guidelines. Over the next 9 weeks, I plan on tackling one each week. Because I am a ninny, I am going to start with the easiest one. Taking a daily vitamin. That seems easy enough right? Who's with me?

Disclosure: The fine people at Weight Watchers neither pay me to be a spokesperson, nor do they probably condone my giving away all of their tips. whatdoyado?

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