Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Heartbreaking Conversation

Every night before bed, my little tazmanian princess and I recap our days. I start with mine first. "Well, I was asleep, and then you came in and told me that it was daytime so I had to get out of bed..." Then I explain to her in full detail everything that happened from the minute my feet hit the floor, to the minute we sat down for that very recap.  Some days I am surprised at how little I can fit into my day.  Then it's her turn.

She sits in her little tiny bed, with her long legs hanging over the side. She tells me about how Grace took the last purple lollipop during Chinese class and how she told Grace that since purple is HER FAVORITE that Grace is not very nice. Not. Very. Nice. At. All. She's shaking her pointer finger at me to punctuate her point. Then she realizes that she is holding up one finger. So she starts to count. One, two, three, four... Sometimes she does it in Spanish. Then she sings me a song that has something to do with shaking a tree and a rainbow. I think they are two different songs, but she has mad mixing skills, so I applaud her musical vision.

Then, out of nowhere she throws her face into her hands and says "Oh My God."  She says it like she just walked to her first class in college with the back of her skirt tucked into her underwear. I am wondering if I heard her right? Then she says it again, like she has the best secret to tell me and can't wait until I ask her what it is. Now I am speechless. Then she says it again, like she's 23 years old. And for a million reasons my heart breaks.

I mentally scramble trying to figure a way out for her to unlearn this. How to change my 23 year old baby back to her 3 year old self. (As I type this, I realize I will be trying to figure this out her entire life.) I gently tell her that we don't say that.

Me: We say "Oh my lanta"
Her: Oh my wanta?
Me: Yes
Her: Do I have a wanta?
Me: MMmm hmmm
Her: Is it in the shed?
Me: Yup.
Her: And then the cows gonna kick it over?
Me: (with a sigh of relief) Yes.
Her:  Momma, we bof had a really rough day.
Me: (with another sigh) Yes, yes we did.

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