Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tuesday's List...A Day Late

I've just realized that today is not Tuesday. Nevertheless, I still have a list:

Jobs I have applied for and the reasons I am glad that they haven't panned out:

1. Scam artist.
I think it may be obvious that I didn't realize I was applying to be a scam artist until I was emailed the company video. A video which never actually said what the company does, but did boast that all of the employees like to play flag football right before happy hour most nights of the week. A video in which, at the conclusion offered me a job as long as I owned my own cell phone.  It may also be obvious why I am glad that didn't pan out, but for those that don't know me...well, I hate flag football.

2. Assistant to a Hotel Sales Director and his second in command.

The Director's name was Juan. His second in command was Dawn.  If it had panned out, I most likely would have given myself the nickname DiMarco. And I don't really look like a DiMarco. So I'm glad that didn't work out. Also, Juan said that he thought having children was a nice "hobby."

3. Dental Office Receptionist

I went to the dentist today. I will spare you the histrionics right now (but will have more details tomorrow). I imagine that people are more willing to go to the gynecologist than they are the dentist. Grumpy people knowing they are going to be put in a headlock for the next 30 minutes to an hour are not the kind of people I want to interact with all day. Knowing this, I tried my hardest to be pleasant. But again, more on this subject later.

4. Dog Walker

This one I would actually like to pan out...and it still might. But, I imagine if it doesn't pan out, by next July when it is 182 degrees outside with 150% humidity, I will be glad I'm not a dog walker.

5. Personal Banker

I actually think I would be pretty good at this gig. But, apparently from the "screening" process, they expect you to brush your hair every day. So, for that reason, I am glad that didn't pan out.

6. Photographer

Maybe I should have waited to submit my application with some recent work I've done.
(See the recent post Holly Jolly)

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