Sunday, December 5, 2010

What If?

What if the Unabomber and Bob Vila had a son?
Would he look like this?

This is my broheim.  This is the mass of hair that can hide a silverware drawer full of utensils. I bet in a week's time, he'll pull some wooden mixing spoons out of that beard...or maybe even one of his small children. Yes, someone procreated with this guy. He's not as unabomerish as this photo makes him out to be. In fact, I think that his growing out of the 'fro is so that his debut appearance at the Shave to Save event is all the more dramatic.  Shave to Save is a fundraiser that his company does to support the American Cancer Society. I don't think the unabomber would do something so nice as as raise money to fight cancer. Also, I don't think the Unabomber had eyes that made you want to bake him cookies...or at the very least, get a can of beer from the fridge for him.

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