Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear What Not To Wear

Tuesday's List:
Items of clothing I will hide in the neighbor's garage if I ever get on the show What Not To Wear:

1. The Black Vest

Whenever I pull this out of the closet, Troy says "Well Hello Old Friend." Because he knows how old it is and how much I really like to wear this.  There may be a picture of me wearing this very vest on a ceiling tile of a certain mexican/pizza joint in Northern Minnesota. 

2. Ol' Blue 

Another fine piece of clothing that should not end up in a trash bin. Ever.

This picture was also taken in 1999. I've worn this pullover every winter, at least twice a week since. I am wearing it right now. After a gagillion washes, it's still like new. Now that's craftsmanship. I am sure that every friend I know that lives in Minnesota has a similar picture to this. Even Maggie has a picture with me wearing this and she's only 1.5.

(PS- I may look like I am smiling, but really I'm saying nice words so
the lama doesn't try to eat Maggie's little fat finger.)

3. THE Jacket.

As in:
"Troy, have you seen my jacket?"
"Which one?"
"THE Jacket."

This little gem has been waiting patiently in my closet. Waiting for me to lose a little bit of the love handles so she could zip up again. (Ol' Blue is not as discerning when it comes to my weight flux, and I love her for that.) I am sure the fine people on What Not To Wear would tell me to toss this in the bin only because sometimes I like to wear this as an actual top and not just protective outdoor wear. 

That's it. Just those three little things. They can have everything else. All 6 paint splattered shirts, the three pairs of mom jeans I own and even my favorite pair of salmon colored corduroy pants.

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  1. Love that photo of the two of us Niks! For the record, the sweater I am wearing was also my very favourite. I parted with it just a few short months ago (reluctantly)...gave it to my mother as I decided it made me look too fat!