Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ah HA!

Just as I suspected. There are absolutely no comments on yesterday's blog about what gets people motivated to work out. Which leads me to believe that Thursday's discussions on healthy eating and whatnot should be scrapped. WORD!

Thanks people.

PS- TLP- this does not let us off the hook for the week's challenge. Just so ya know.

That's all I've got for today. It's Saturday, and I try not to "work" on the weekends. :)


  1. I'll tell ya what motivates me......when I step onto the scales and all of a sudden there is an extra 1.5kg there that wasn't there 5 days ago! (this happened this morning!)
    Despite the sweltering heat, I immediately put on my running gear and off I went. 5km later and I nearly collapsed but it sure made me feel better knowing that I might have just blitzed a few 100 grams!

  2. Nice work Nics. Like I always say to myself- you gotta check yourself before you wreck yourself. SOrry to hear you handed over your favorite jumper. At least your mom has it and you can steal it back when you decide you miss it.