Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Three

The Handeland Girl Cries Wolf

It is Day Three without my partner in crime. And like any other night that I am by myself and need to contain the children and minimize the destruction, I put them in the tub. It's an over sized tub, so for them, it's more like going to the splash pad than a chore. A win-win for everyone.

Some nights you have to be cautious with the little one. You know the saying "Does a bear poop in the woods?" Well around this house, it's "Does a Bear Cub poop in the tub?"  Yes, my friend. She does. (If this subject matter is not your cup of tea, stop reading now, because it's not going to get any better.) But tonight, as I was feeling pretty smart, I did not draw up the bath until the wee one had had her evening constitutional.

I plopped The Taz into the water first and she immediately sits on the edge of the tub and says "There's a huge poop in there."  I tell her "No there's not, just get in." She informs me that she was just pretending like the other night.  The Taz likes to recreate funny scenes from our life. Funny to her is when I am in hysterics. Last week, when I was not as smart and tossed Bear Cub in the tub before her evening constitutional, The Taz thought it was super funny as I was hootin' and hollerin' "CODE BROWN! CODE BROWN! Everyone out of the tub NOW!!!"

Her re-enactments were off and on for the next half hour. I had stopped double checking her broadcasts and started picking up tiny little articles of clothing that had been strewn about. When I went to check the prune level of their fingers, there it was. Right on the seat ledge of the tub. The Bear Cub's yule tide log. Mocking me and my smarts. I look down into the water to assess any additional damage and sure enough, the wee one was splashing around small bits of brown.

Two thoughts crossed my mind. 1. Tonight's bedtime story will be The Boy Who Cried Wolf  and 2. My letter to Santa is going to include something about a poop-less night.

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