Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday's List For Santa

Christmas List:
If Maggie could talk her Christmas list would include the following:
1.       Someone to find my nuk in the middle of the night
2.       A puppy
3.       A puppy
4.       A puppy
5.       A big banana for breakfast every day for the rest of my life

Rylee’s list is always the same when asked what she’d like Santa to bring:
1.       A Doll
She doesn’t grasp that Santa can bring more than one present, but if she knew about lists, then she’d probably ask for:
1.       Anything purple
2.       Candy
3.       Anything Maggie is currently touching

Troy’s list would probably go something like this:
1.       52 rounds of golf
2.       A little girl that goes to bed at 8:00pm on her own with no fighting
3.       An 18 month old baby who was potty trained
4.       52 foot massages from his loving wife

I was thinking about my list, and all of the things on it seemed dumb.
1.       A frilly apron. (Really)
2.       A bookshelf
3.       World Peace
Well I guess World Peace isn’t dumb. But then I thought what do I really really want? And in my heart of hearts I just want My Tazmanian Princess and Bear Cub to live long happy lives. To know real love and to pour it out on those around them. To not live with fear or sickness. To be each other’s best friends. And mostly, to go to bed without a fight.

Merry Christmas Friends.

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