Friday, December 10, 2010

Dang...Part Duex

It occurred to me earlier this morning that three weeks ago I wrote about Thursday's being the day I would discuss healthy eating and whatnot. Let's recap what's happened in those three weeks:

1. Thanksgiving. I haven't officially called writing this blog a "job" but it is the closest thing I do that resembles "working" so I decided I would take a few "vacation days" around Thanksgiving time. As I was putting pumpkin pie in my face that particular Thursday, I was thankful that I didn't have to write about healthy eating.

2. The next two Thursday's were consumed with dental appointments. As I type this, I realize that I did inadvertently write about making healthy choices. Floss people. Floss.

3. I find writing about good eating habits just about as boring as keeping good eating habits. (Insert heavy sigh.)

Nevertheless, I said I would talk about the 9 good health here goes, even if it is Friday. The first week I wussed out and went with the easiest one. Taking a vitamin everyday. Which I am happy to report that I have taken said vitamin everyday since that post.  And as a bonus I have found that my fingernails are stronger and don't break off when I am cracking open a can of pop. (you win some, you lose some)

Next up.  Exercise.

This week's challenge is to workout at least 30 minutes each day. I have already challenged my BFF Tracy of Breezy Point MN to the task. (Now you have to do it TLP) We have been trying to motivate each other for about 10 years now. (We usually end up laughing about our failed attempts over a cocktail or three.) We'd like to know - What motivates you? (Please leave comments!)  Right now, Pink on my iPod is doing the trick.

Happy Sweating Everyone.


  1. The way my jeans fit motivates me...and also if I compete with myself it motivates me. I'm embarrasingly competetive so I refuse to compete with other people. So I just set goals for myself to beat...which lately (until it got cold and I gave up) has been in running and getting my mile time down. Oh...I also love that if you workout more, you get to eat more...but you don't loose much weight that way.

  2. Right on sister friend. Good For you. Troy and I have taken Biggest Loser style pictures of ourselves in our skivies and hung them above the scale in our bathroom. This has been motivation enough to say No to a few bad treats this week.