Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day Four

It is Day Four without my wing man.

This is us at the recent holiday party.

Man, do my teeth look white or what. Guess I shouldn't have been so hard on you-know-who the DDS.

I have that cheesy grin on my face because I am bending my knees a little so Troy will look taller.

Troy has that cheesy grin on his face because he knows that I'm bending at the knees
and he just called me a "stupid-head."

I spent quite a bit of time "smoothing" out my hair and thought it looked much smoother when we left the house for this party. I did get the sweats a little bit upon arrival because I did not have the correct understanding of "casual" when dressing for this party. Getting the sweats will start to fuzz up the base of my hair, which makes it very wide. I will be considering The Brazilian Blowout that Jennifer Anniston gets to make her hair smooth before my next social outing.

Things are more fun when he's not in Texas.
 For instance, I have someone to talk to and therefore do not dwell on the width of my hair.

You may recognize THE jacket from the recent list:
 Things I won't be bringing to What Not To Wear should I ever get on that show.
I wore it as a top, not a jacket.

I may have just said this, but things are more fun when he's around.

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