Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday's List: New Year's Resolutions

Last year, my Sasquatch of a niece (I say that with love) posted something on her facebook page about not understanding why people make New Year's Resolutions. I think her point was somewhere along the lines of why people waited weeks, months or even an entire year before they decide to make a change for themselves. I understand her point...but nevertheless...I am one of those unfortunate souls that only does self reflection and attempts of self betterment twice a year. Once is New Year's. The other time is Lent.

So let's get on with it already:
Nikki's New Year's Resolutions.

  1.  Actually use the re-usable grocery bags that are piled high in the laundry room right next to the pile of plastic grocery bags to be recycled.
2.  Be nicer to the maid so maybe she'll clean more than once a month.

3.  Sign up for and actually participate in NaNoWriMo. Thankfully, that's not until November.

4.  Floss daily.

5. Write real letters a couple of times a month to my peoples.

6.  Make an effort to brush my hair daily so as to be a good example for my little friends.

7. Create.
(Not to be confused with procreate. Mainly because they do not make maternity sized straight jackets.)

That's it. I was going to add something about making more dinners and eating right and exercising and spending less time at The Boutique and being more patient. But let's not over do it. There's only so much self betterment a gal can try before she finds herself at the bottom of an empty wine bottle wondering if she's good enough. 

Happy Resolving my friends.

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