Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Near Death Experience

It was your typical day in suburbia. She packed up her gym bag and the children and headed out the door for her morning routine. This morning Her Chef said he'd accompany her to a new "spin" class.  She was excited for a little gym date.

After changing into her workout gear, she headed to the cycling room. The only bike left near Her Chef was the one directly behind him. She climbed on her machine knowing it would be a familiar view with him in front leading the way.  And that's the way she preferred it (mainly so she wouldn't be self conscious about all her bits and pieces jiggling about).

The instructor (who, if she was a dog breed, would most likely fall under the chihuahua variety- small, lots of energy, cute, but kind of bugs a little bit) started the class with a nice uphill, meat out of the seat, warm up climb. She felt her heart starting to work. Chihuahua barked "crank up that resistance" and her quads started to burn. "Run, run, run" came the commands and she could feel her body temp raising and her skin start to itch from the heat. Next her heart started to beat out of her chest and she wondered how much longer she could keep up the pace of Her Chef.  She looked at the clock. 3 minutes into the class. 47 more to go.

Mother of two, loving wife. Here lies ol' Nikki Handeland (on the couch). They still don't know if it was a heart attack or just sheer revolt from every muscle in her body.  They're pretty sure she'll walk again...someday. And that someday will most likely be tomorrow when the lure of two hours of child care calls.

The End.

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  1. I went and checked out a gym in my new neighborhood...They showed me the spin room, which was a waste of time. I will NEVER be stepping into that room again. I'm proud of you Nik, you are super hardcore. Good luck with that walking thing. =)