Wednesday, November 17, 2010


When we were only four months pregnant with The Taz, Troy says to me "You gotta kinda wonder when we should have the next one." WHAT? This was out of left field because A. The sound of a child screaming in a restaurant would immediately send his eyebrows into the scowl position and B. we didn't even have a name picked out for the FIRST one. But, it did spark the conversation of how we wished we were closer in age to our own siblings.

My closest sibling. He's not a yetti. We are close now and like to talk about our Irish Afro's.

I try to explain to Rylee that Maggie is her present. That before she was even born, we planned on getting her a friend, a compadre and confident as soon as we could. And she was on board with that, at least while Maggie was just a large lump in my belly.

 She liked her at first. Then two days after we brought her home,
Rylee started calling her by another kid's name.

 Some days she tolerates her little sister. 
Her real best friend is in her left hand.

 I promised to let her watch Elmo if she'd hug her sister and say cheese.
Her eyes are on the tv to see if Elmo has shown up yet.

Somedays, there's just no masking how you feel about each other.

And then there are nights like this. When out of nowhere, Rylee says
"c'mon Maggie, I'm gonna wead you a book."

I'm glad we made her a little friend.

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