Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16

Tuesday's List:

I've had this page open since 7am. Here are the things I
would have, could have and should have done today instead of staring at the wall.

1. Baked cookies

2. Taken a better picture of this crazy bird that visits our pond.
It looks like part crow, part wild turkey.
We call it the Turcrow.

Seriously. What a crappy picture. This bird is crazy.

3. Picked up the 62 toys that have been on the living room
 floor since last Thursday and that I've walked past or
tripped over 78 times since Sunday.

4. Baked cookies.

5. Written some sort of facebook status update about staring at the wall.

6. Shoveled out the dining room floor.
(But then what would I do on Wednesday?)

7. Watched the Movie Preview Channel to see if there is
anything that I want to add to the Netflix Que.
(Can you believe there is a whole tv channel dedicated to just movie previews?)

8. Logged on to ParentsConnect.com to download fun Thanksgiving projects for
the girls to work on while My Chef prepares dinner.

9. Prepared dinner.

10. Baked cookies.

11. Tried to even kind of look for a job.

Yep, lots of things I could have done today instead of stare at the wall. But, today was not a complete loss because I bought  those silly little window cling-on things of snowmen and santa clauses and Christmas trees. I also bought two Christmas cd's. This year, the day after Thanksgiving, we will open our tote labeled BEWARE, CHEER INSIDE (which is on tomorrow's To-Do list to create) and put on our holiday music and start to make some family holiday traditions.

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