Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deep Thoughts on Politics...well maybe not

I try to stay away from political discussions. This is mainly because I'm a lover, not a fighter (read debater).  But something happened yesterday that thrust me right into the midst of the longest political discusion I've had in years.

As I was driving home with the girls, I noticed a man on the busiest corner of our little suburb. (apparently the busiest corner of Florida's 8th District). He was in a white button down shirt and chinos. He was holding a huge placard with a political candidate's yard sign on the top half and the bottom half was a handwritten Thank You.  I looked closer and gathered from his gray hair that he was most likely the winner of the recent election. (A quick search on the webz just confirmed my inclination)

I say outloud : Now that's something you don't see everyday.
The Taz replies: Whacho say?

Me: I said there's a man on the corner holding a sign saying thank you to the people who voted for him. That's the first time I've ever seen that.  Is it wrong that I wonder what his angle is? Can't I just accept that he is genuinely thankful and wants to say so?

Her: Whacho say Momma?
Me: There was a man holding a sign saying Thank You for voting for him.
Her: What?
Me: There was a man back there man holding sign
Her: On his back?
Me: No
Her: His legs are tired like mine
Me: Probably
Her: He's gonna eat goldfish like me
Me: Probably
Her: There's a fish party in my tummy
Me: Mmm. yes.

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