Monday, May 2, 2011

A Letter to Bear Cub

Dear Sweet Maggie,

When you are old enough to watch a TV program, that isn't a cartoon and without interrupting, you and I will watch American Idol together. One of my favorite parts is when they interview the parents. They always show flashbacks of the contestant when they were wee little performers. I well up as the parents explain how they've watched their babies nurture a love of music from their youth and have followed their hearts.  Your daddy just rolls his eyes at me when they show the parents in the audience, wearing t-shirts with their kids face on them, and I say "Honey, we're totally going to be those kinds of parents."

The point is, recently I've watched you develop a love of motorcycles and I wonder if someday I'll be saying "It all began before she even turned two."  Yesterday, from a mile away, we could hear the roar of a bike engine and I saw your little ears perk up as you looked around trying to find the bike. And the week before last, when we were in the parking lot of The Boutique and you spied one with "ape hangers", all you could say was "a bike a bike a bike a bike MOMMY a bike a bike a bike."  Because I love you, I want you to know that I will support your love of motorcycles, even though I sure do hope you'll end up loving music or art or possibly even math. Anyway, no matter where your heart leads you, there are just a few things I need to tell you:

1. Like your dad always says- There are two things you should never buy the cheap version of - toilet paper and helmets.

2. Don't date a boy because he owns a bike. Own your own bike. Be your own driver.  And on that same note - Boys that wear shirts with sayings like "If you can read this, the b*tch fell off" should be avoided. Also, boys that don't talk much are not mysterious, they are just bad communicators. (This last part applies to all boys, not just bikers.)

3. If you EVER feel the urge to get a tattoo of a motorcycle, please just get the henna kind that will come off eventually. And if that urge persists, please wait until you've had children and you have a complete understanding of the words "permanent" and "forever".

I think that's it for now, little one.  You'll be awake from your nap soon, and Momma will take you to the mall so we can troll for bikes to look at. Until then, sweet motorcycle dreams baby.

The Crazy Lady In The Front Row With Your Face Puff Painted On It.

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