Thursday, May 26, 2011

You say it's your Birthday?

I love a good birthday. It doesn't even really need to be mine for me to enjoy it. In my pre-parenting days, if it was your birthday, I would probably tell you it was my birthday too, just so I could be part of the fun.  (To the ztaff at the Gull Lake Zorbaz, May 26th is my actual birthday. I would however like to thank you for all the free birthday drinks you served me in July, October, January and March from 1999 to 2006.)

I still love a good birthday party, but celebrating today looks a lot different than it did five little years ago. The highlights today were: waking up with two crazy little girls giggling and jumping on my bed/head, getting to talk to other adults while my babies ran around the park and coming home to find 60! birthday greetings on my facebook page. OH! AND the house was clean. The day's not even half way over and I can already tell you that the best present was when Rylee told me she was going to put herself to bed for naptime.  It really does feel like God is smiling down on me.

Speaking of presents....Maggie got a package in the mail today for her birthday, and I am glad she is napping so I get a chance to play with them:  Tickle Monster Gloves -

Anyway, to all of you who let me jump on the bandwagon when it was your special day
(which is likely every single person reading this, whether you knew it or not)

Happy Birthday to Us.

Now where's the cake?

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