Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Road Rage

This is how it happened this morning.

There is really only one way out of our development. When you leave, if you want to drive North (like I do every single morning) you have to kind of "leap frog" across traffic. First you wait for the Southbound traffic to clear and jump out into the turn lane area. Then you hang out and wait for a break in the Northbound traffic and ease on in.

There is only really room for two cars in the turn lane area. Should two cars be waiting for a break in traffic, it is only common courtesy to let the first car go as soon as there is a break. If you are the second car, and you are bigger, it is courtesy to ease out into traffic and create an opening for the first car to go ahead of you. Everyone knows this.

Today, I was the first car out in the median area. A larger SUV swung out and blocked my view. If I were in court, this is the diagram I would have used.

After three seconds, I realize that she is going to just pull out in front of me. I start to honk. I mean, I really lay on the horn. No way you don't realize someone is honking at you. She ignores me and cuts me right off.

Two miles later, I realize that we are heading to the same place.   I get a little rampped up thinking about my chance to confront her.  I'm drawing some assumptions based on her car, and the fact that she was wearing full on workout clothes, but her hair and makeup were perfect.  It may be a little bit wrong of me to go assuming that she probably doesn't get called out on her actions a lot. And it may be a little wrong of me to decide that it's my job to tell her she was rude. But it's hot here, and sometimes when I get hot, I fly by my emotions.

We pulled into the school parking lot. I got out of my car and smiled really big at her, like we were long lost friends. Waving at her I said "Oh Hiiii There!" She smiled back. I started in "Remember back there when you pulled out of Summerport?"  Her "Oh yes."  Me: "Well, you cut me off. It was rude, and just a little bit dangerous."  Her: "Oh I didn't realize I did that." Me: "Yes, you did. It was rude."

Then I walked away.  I've always dreamed of confronting someone like this. It wasn't as gratifying as I thought it would be.  But, on the positive front, I kept "the bird" in check, so at least there's a little progress.


  1. Wow! I'm proud of you! Way to go for standing up for yourself.