Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Morning

I don't want to forget this.  I realized today that these times may start to dwindle in the coming years and oh-too-soon be just a distant memory.

It's the tender moment right when my babies wake from slumber. I hear them coming, it's the only time of day when their footsteps don't sound like a herd of elephants. They come into our room with sleepy faces, intent on being guided into the day in the arms of their mother or father. There are no words spoken. Just a look of here I am, and there you are and we belong to each other.  They crawl up in bed with arms full of random toys and stuffed animals but without questions or demands or complaints or wiley schemes. And in return , I vow to use kinder tones and correct them less. To channel their energy into something creative instead of trying to stifle it. We caress their faces, brushing stray strands of hair our of their sleepy eyes. We snuggle them close, in hopes that this precious moment will last.  Eventually, they say their first words of the day.  Daddy, your breaf is fantastic.  Momma, tickle my arm.  Then someone giggles and we start our day.

Ten minutes later, it could be a tornado of fighting and whining and running and stomping; but already it has been a good morning.


  1. Yes. Yes yes yes. I love your writing.

  2. Jack won't really snuggle in our bed with us but loves to be held in the chair. I'm finding that taking those extra few moments to just love on them seems to help on so many levels. Lately, when the boys have been crazy, rathen then fight it...I'll sit down and cuddle on them both.