Friday, March 2, 2012

Speed Racer and The Valley Girl

She's not even three, but she's got Lance Armstrong's spirit. A week ago we passed down The Taz's bike to Bear Cub. She got on that thing and took our sloped driveway like she knew how the brakes worked.  She didn't, by the way. Tonight I got her to the sidewalk and walked behind her as she rode about a half a mile. Her shoulders were hunched up by her ears; her chin down by the handle bars with her elbows back. She was in optimal position for the wind stream. Never mind that her toddler helmet was creating some major drag.

"I'm PAST Momma."
"Yes. You're very fast."

So fast she couldn't keep her feet on the peddles.
She may need training wheels, but she also needs toe clips.

And let's look at what happens when you beg and plead to get on the show
What Not to Wear
and they never invite you
and you have children
and you dress them like
A Valley Girl  from the '80's

(Bike Care Seminar)


  1. She is seriously cracking me up in that outfit. And all that biking gear? Is that "cool" and self imposed? or is all that safety gear mama imposed? And there is nothing better than a man in his nice clothes helping his girls fix their bikes. Good man. P.S. I think Dan owns that orange shirt in 17 colors. I can't get him out of the damn thing. I say "be cool wear a t-shirt" and he insists on wearing his breathable golf collared shirts. I mean what does he thing we live in florida or something?

    1. That's her favorite outfit. It cracks me up. The safety gear is because Troy is teaching her to ride without training wheels and didn't want her getting all bloody. But she picked it all out. The knee/elbow pads have princesses on them so they are cool. Fashionable and functional. That's how we roll. And yes, Troy has that golf shirt in all the colors too.