Friday, March 23, 2012

The Tazmanian Princess and The Frog

Have you ever seen a puppy play with a grasshopper? The grasshopper jumps, and then the puppy jumps. Then the little bug stops, most likely in total fear of being pounced on, but the puppy wants it to hop around some more, so he paws at it a little. Only the puppy has no concept of how one tiny playful swipe will crush the delicate creature. Then the puppy paws at it more and more and gets that sad little look because it's new friend is just laying there...and it's legs are over there...and it's suddenly kind of gooey...

That's kind of how things went with The Tazmanian Princess and The Frog:

Well, hello there little guy.

OK, be gentle.
No, just a little more gentle.
Yes. He's cute. Now let's put him in the grass.
No, you can't keep him in your room.

Yes, they do stink a little.
Ooh, ooh don't squeeze.
Yes, they get kind of sticky when you do that.

Why don't you help him into the grass so we can go wash that off your hand.
Yes. I think he's sleeping now.
It's very tiring playing with people.

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