Monday, March 12, 2012

My First Ever Garage Sale

So, I've just finished up my first ever garage sale. I think I'll call it a success. I learned a few things that I think I should share. You know, like a public service announcement of sorts. Here goes:

1. If a Jamaican man pulls up in a full sized, split pea colored, conversion van and starts asking you questions you can't understand, just answer them all with "No." It's better this way.

2. Don't let your children talk to the "customers", especially unintelligible Jamaican van drivers.

3. If people start talking loudly about the flaws in your items for sale, it is most likely a passive aggressive way to barter with you and get you to lower your price. You should just remind yourself that this is a garage sale, not TJ Max, and the reason you're selling that item for a QUARTER is exactly because it is flawed.

4. If people walk away before they even walk into your garage, you shouldn't let it effect your self-esteem. Just because you've loved every item in your sale within a inch of total destruction does not have any bearing on why that person walked away. Most likely, they just have gas and didn't want to embarrass themselves.

5. Don't waste your time marking items. That's never what you sell stuff for anyway.

6. You don't need to give commentary on your precious sale items. Like how your found that lawn trimmer on the curb last month, so no, you don't really know if it works, but yes, you are firm on the $20 price tag.

If this has helped just one person, then my work here is done. The End.

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