Friday, February 18, 2011

Ahh Yoga

I'm beginning to love the yoga. Not that I didn't really love it to begin with. My sister-in-law pointed out- it's an exercise class that has nice mats and nap-like positions, what's not to love? I do the yoga on Friday's as I like to "center" myself before the weekend. Because, as every mother with little children knows, weekends are nowhere near relaxing.

At the beginning of each class, the teacher gives us one word to think about. Today's word was gratitude. She tells you to focus on one thing you are grateful for. This morning I focused on My Chef.  Because without him, there's no telling what kind of train wreck I'd turn this parenting gig into. I'm also grateful that he's strong enough to take the brunt of my frustrations, because taking them out on the children is unfair (even if they are the source). I also focused on how grateful I am for his dimple. Man is it cute.

And I'm happy to say, that all that grateful-ness paid off. When I got home from the yoga, there was a bottle of wine waiting for girls' night out on Skype AND he had two loads of laundry done. 

At the close of The Yoga, the instructor (who if I were to liken her to a dog...well...I wouldn't- she's totally a cat) says Namaste (pronounced  nah-mah-stay). Today, she finally explained what it means = The Light in me sees and loves the Light in you.  I liked that. Here's to a weekend full of recognizing the light in one another and being grateful for.....fill in the blank....

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