Monday, February 7, 2011


A while back someone on facebook posted something about it being harder to quit smoking than it is to start the habit of flossing. This made me pause a minute. At the time that I read it, I was a twice a week flosser.  I had also just had the conversation with The Mole-less Enrique Iglesias, DDS about bone loss.  The thought of it being that hard to start flossing was depressing.

Flossing daily was one of my New Year's Resolutions. And about the only one I've stuck with. Which is a good sign since I overheard someone say that the first week of February is when most resolutions have been tossed out the window (as an update, my resolution to brush my hair daily never even got into the car to even be thrown out the window). And I'm here to tell you it isn't as hard as quitting smoking.

I did not have dreams that I was hiding somewhere not flossing. Or dream of stealing semi-trucks so I could go somewhere and not floss. I did not run up and down the aisles of the grocery store looking for something ANYTHING I could do besides not floss.  I do not look at other people, not flossing, and wish I were them. I do not think of not flossing all day every day for one solid year in hopes that tomorrow they will come up with a cancer free / stink free way of flossing.

No no. Starting the habit of flossing is much easier than quitting smoking. At night, before bed, I just think about a piece of raw meat that has been left out on the kitchen counter for 24 hours on a hot 98.6 degree day. I think of the smell of that meat. Then I mentally place that piece of meat in between my teeth. And that usually does the trick.

Here's to hoping your New Year's Resolutions are still going strong and easier to hold on to than quitting smoking. Unless of course your resolution was to quit smoking...then I would just suggest getting pregnant. Did the trick for me.

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