Sunday, February 20, 2011

What If? The February Edition

What if ?

What if The Hair Club for Men
told their advertising team
that they wanted to target:


Harley Davidson Bike Owners


Grease (the movie) Enthusiasts

Do you think that advertising team would seek out this guy to be a model?

This is Benny.

He's neither a cop, a biker, nor a Grease the movie Enthusiast.

And he doesn't have any trouble growing hair.

If indeed the Hair Club for Men did seek Benny out,
they could shave his in the morning for their fake "before" pictures, have a nice long lunch,
and Benny would have already grown enough hair for his amazing "after" shots.

That's just it. Benny doesn't have any trouble growing his hair,
like maybe some of our friends and family do after they've gone through chemo.

And that's the whole point:
Benny is growing his hair out for an event called Shave to Save
to raise money to fight cancer, so that fewer people have to fight on their own and
where losing their hair is the least of their worries.

As a side note:
I hope they don't mistake those eyebrows as part of the shaving scope.
Benny might not have as many people willing to bring him beers without those things.

Did you see them. Take another look. 
Man. Those are somethin', aren't they.

If you'd like to, here's the link to Benny's fundraising page:

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