Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valingtime's Day

Ten Things I Love Today

1. I love that my lips sink down one inch into Bear Cub's cheeks when I kiss them.

2. I love that my sister-in-law calls me on Skype, with a glass of wine in her hand, so we can have a girls night out, without having to leave our living rooms or brush our hair.

3. I love that The Taz doesn't know how to say Valentine's correctly.

4. I love that The Taz will bring home cookies and other assorted candies this afternoon, as the semi-sweet baking chocolates that I scavenged off the top shelf of the pantry will be gone in a half hour.

5. I love that My Mudda does not share an office at work, so that she can take personal calls first thing in the morning without getting the stink eye.

6. I love that we have a security system, so I can sleep peacefully when My Chef is out of town and I have watched one too many episodes of 48 Hours.

7. I love that after six months of living in Florida, I have yet to see a gator in the pond behind our house. (Not that I'm letting my watchful guard down. But it's nice to know, if there is a gator in there, he doesn't just roam around all of our back yards waiting for plump little babies to meander two inches away from their mothers.)

8. I love that Bear Cub and The Taz kiss each other goodbye every morning.

9. I love that nap time is closer to three hours than it is to one hour.

10. And, of course- My One True Love. Who bought me a yoga mat so I wouldn't have to smash my face down on someone else's sweat. That's love.

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