Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I went to yoga today. It was my first time ever. A couple of things happened during the course of the one hour class.

1. I found I could break a sweat by barely moving. What's that you say Bill Jones? "Work smarter. Not harder." There are some things you can hear over and over and not really understand them until your knee is wrapped around the back of your neck.  

2. I found that I am not very flexible. (This isn't really a new revelation, but I thought it would at least have improved from having to chase small people)

3. The mental "chakra" exercise looks a lot like a place on Lake Superior.  Whatever that means.

4. I found that when I have cleared my head of all the stresses and craziness of my day, delicious desserts come to mind. I made this when I got home:

I will call them Yoga Delights.

1 comment:

  1. What IS that dessert? It looks delicious, creamy and fruity! Have you stuck with yoga? I love that hippy, stretching business :)