Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All The Cool Blogs

Apparently all the cool blogs do contests, or giveaways. Some days, I want to be cool. Today is one of those days.

I sat down to put some thought into my contest. Apparently to host a contest, you should be somewhat versed in your subject matter. Some of the blogs that I like to read are about photography, so for those blogs you can send in pictures and there's a contest for who sent the best picture for that category. Other ones I've seen are "how to" on crafts, or wood working, or furniture rehab. Others are poetry writing contests. 

I am not good at any of that stuff.

Then it came to me. I am good at laughing. We should have A Laughing Game Contest! Yesssss. It's brilliant...unless, of course, no one plays along. The prize is an autographed copy of this famous portrait titled: "Nancy Laughing."

Here's how we'll do it. You upload a little video of yourself and your crazy laugh to YouTube. Then post the link in the comments section of this here blog or on my facebook page. On Friday, I will pick the finalists and we'll vote and come up a winner and whatnot.   You don't have to have a pretty laugh, or a contagious laugh or a loud laugh. Just start fake laughing until you've got yourself good and worked up to a steady wheeze.

Let the laughing begin!

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