Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wild Things

Every single day I find myself questioning if I am making the right choices as a parent. Scratch that. Every single interaction I have with my 3 and half year old, I question if the words I use, the tones I take, the emotions I show are molding her into being a pole dancing, cigar smoking, serial killer.

Then I stop and just watch her.
I watch her pick "flowers" or ride her bike or color a picture for her favorite person. For five minutes, I stop worrying about her use of "may I" or "can I" or finding the right motivation to get her to put on some sort of pants or even getting her take one stinkin' bite of dinner.

I just stop and watch her.
And that's when my heart breaks because I am so completely in love.

The one thing I never have to question is my love of the wild things.


  1. I love those photos, especially the last one :)

  2. Awesome photos and I can totally relate to everything you said.

    Andy can move me to tears with something profound that he says..and 10 minutes later I'm moved to tears again..this time of frustration. My dad used to say that he'd move heaven and earth for us was always whatever...ok dad. I get it now. I get it.