Monday, March 7, 2011


Remember the first time you called someone your boyfriend? Remember how goofy that felt. Or for those of you who are married, how it felt to call someone your fiancee? I never really used the term fiancee. For a couple of reasons. One, our engagement was only 6 months and B, I preferred to refer to him as My Mans. But I do recall thinking it sounded soooo weird to refer to him as My Husband. Even at 30something, I didn't feel like I was old enough...or something to be A Wife.

I'm feeling the same way about my new title. Stay At Home Mom. For the first couple of months, I wasn't really an official stay at home mom because the children were in daycare so I could find a job. Even so, now that I have officially throw job searching to the wayside, and have taken ownership of the laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping duties (the child rearing is still split 50/50 and let's face facts about the cooking), I still haven't become comfortable with my new title. 

It took a good year before I could say "This is my husband." without getting the giggles. I wonder how long it will be before I can answer the "What do you do?" question with "I'm a stay at home mom." without feeling like I just made it up. 


  1. Hey Niks....I have been a stay at home mum for the best part of 9 years! It is only now, that they are all off at school that I can look for a job that will fit around them (not too many of these jobs around, I can tell you!)
    Over the years people have made me feel like a lesser person because Im not out working. Let me tell you this.....there is nothing better that you can do for your kids to be at home with them. I really dont see the point in having kids if you are just going to farm them out to someone else to look after! So, good on you for staying home with them......I admire you!

  2. Nics- It's a SUPER hard job. I just don't feel like I've earned my "badge" yet to get the title. Maybe after 6 months and no calls from Social services I will feel like I've earned it. hee hee. Miss you friend.

  3. I miss you too, you big, fat, lazy cow! (That just sounds awful and you know I dont mean it it.....) It is a super hard job but it gets easier as they get older and are not so dependent on you for everything.
    I find it hard that I am not contributing financially to the household.....but if I was out at work, this house would be a disaster-zone, and I would be one stressed-out momma!
    Take care, my friend!