Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Everyone knows the saying "it's impolite to talk about politics and religion." Well, this week, I'm gonna be a little rude and talk about both of them. First up, Politics.

There's a lot of reasons I don't like politics. When you boil it down though, the main reason I don't like it goes something like this:

Garbage collection day is on Tuesdays. The garbage trucks usually drive through the neighborhoods in the morning before the hot hot sun stanks up the streets.  Children go to school on Tuesdays (hopefully) and on fine spring days like today, they walk in the morning, past the disposal collection trucks.

To avoid tragedy, a local lawmaker of a certain party, sends a bill up stating that children must wear bright orange shirts to school on Tuesdays, so that disposal truck drivers would easily be able to identify that the children should not be run over.

The opposing party claims that sanctioned bright orange shirt wearing will put the Blue Shirt makers out of business. Therefore to make their bill pass, the orange shirt supporters tell the opposing party that they will include in their bill, a sanction for all children to eat tator tots on Mondays. Tator Tot Mondays will create jobs and offset the decrease in commerce from the now defunct blue shirt making businesses.

Now things get interesting because a third party comes out and says that Tator Tots make children obese and voting yes on this law means you don't love children. The Tator Tot farmers say voting against the bill means that your against families because they provide jobs to support families. Because all of the riff raff, now you have groups with special interest in Orange Shirt making throwing money around campaigning for the bill. They use scare tactics telling you your children won't be safe unless this bill gets passed.  And some of the money for these ads are coming from sources that don't seem to give two cents about children in the first place.

At the end of the day, it's hard to say who's the good guy. And that's why I'll just stay out of it.

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