Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Letter, This One to My Cousin

Dear Cousin Cathy,

Earlier this week I opened a contest on my blog. I offered up a picture of you laughing, as the prize. I think it's a nice picture. As an added bonus, I also promised it would be autographed. Well, today is the final day of the contest and it turns out, we only had one entry.  I don't know why the turnout was so poor. My Chef has suggested that people either don't know how to post video's of themselves, or they don't want to be seen looking stupid. Then he stroked my unkempt mane and assured me that I wasn't a cruddy contest host.

In the end, I feel like we should still award our one entry the Grand Prize.  Would you mind so much sending her an autographed portrait of "Nancy Laughing"?  I would gladly send you a box of Florida oranges for your troubles.

Her video can be seen below.


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