Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home Again

Occasionally I stumble upon a place that reminds me of home. Sometimes it's a pond with sun sparkles dancing across the surface. Sometimes, it's a wooded place with trails that make you feel miles from civilization.

Today it was a log lodge in the middle of pine trees.
The minute we walked up to this building, I felt like I belonged there. Like I could sit on one of the rocking chairs and stay as long as the provisions in our backpack could sustain us.
(Which turned out to be about an hour and a half.)

It wasn't until I sat down to write this, that I realized this "reserve" we visited today, reminded me of my summers as a camp counselor. Summers spent exploring new things and pushing the limits of what I thought I was physically and mentally capable of. Summers spent being young and dumb and carefree. Summers developing a love of the outdoors that would only ever be championed by one thing: Them.

We ended our short visit with a picnic lunch, devoting most of our conversation to
planning our first camping trip with the girls.
How sweet it is to be finally able to combine my two loves.


  1. Great post! also- WHAT A GREAT PICTURE!

  2. Awesome picture badge! You look like a professional writer or actress or something! Hmmm... writer, blog hmmm... are you thinking what I'm thinking? You should do it, seriously!

  3. Oh've made me cry xx