Monday, June 6, 2011


I'm not entirely sure if the whole world is wrapped up in the Casey Anthony trial, or if it's just because I live so close to where the trial is happening. All I do know, is that you can't go anywhere without seeing it on a t.v. or hearing it on the radio, or overhearing people talking about it. 

While I was at The Club today, I spoke to three different ladies about it. The first one asked me how to turn on the subtitles on her treadmill's t.v.  The second lady went on and on about how she is hooked on the coverage. Like it's a novel and she can't put it down. I agreed with her. And we both agreed that there will be no nice neat ending with all of the answers to our questions revealed.

The third woman came up to me in the locker room. Our locker room has a nice quiet sitting area with a plush couch that a person could theoretically take 30 minutes to an hour to sit and eat an orange and watch Kathy Lee and Hoda or some other mindless morning show, so as to get the full two hours of free childcare that The Club offers.  So I was sitting in said area, watching a little bit of the news, which just happens to be nothing but the Anthony Trial on all stations.  Today's witness, an expert on decomposition of human remains, just happens to have a bit of a speech impediment.

This third lady asked me if I was watching this guy. I said yes, ready for a conversation about how interesting the science was that he was explaining. She said "They're using a guy that has a lisp?" I narrowed my eyes, looked her straight in the face and said "I gueth so. They pwobabwy fought he wath smarth enough for people to overwook it."  Then she ran off, extremely embarrassed.

Ok. So that last part isn't true, because some days I am not so quick on my feet. But that's exactly what I would have said had my jaw not been on the floor.

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  1. Oh I wish that last part was true. bahahaha!!!