Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday's List

Tuesday's List

(I'm on a real roll being punctual with this list thing. Let's not expect it to happen next week.)

Things That Prompt The Taz To Tell Me She Loves Me

1. When I give her sandwiches in bed. 

2. Promises to go to Sea World. 

3. After we spend time doing crafts without Maggie. 

4. Scratch #3. Any activity that does not involve Maggie.

5.  Scratch #1. Anytime I give her sandwiches period.

6.  After I clean the toilets.

That last one's a weird one. But I understand. Who doesn't love a clean toilet?
I'll take what I can get.

Looking for directions to the sting rays.

Dream Day. At Sea World. No Maggie.

Giving "high fives" to sting rays.

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  1. I love her...and you! I wish I could eat sandwiches with you guys.