Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Colossal Meltdown

I guess I should have sensed it coming. The Meltdown that is. I mean, what with all of the goings-on on Indian Deer Road lately, it shouldn't have been a surprise. To me anyway.

We're going on close to a month, save for two nights, of not sleeping through the night. Mainly it's Bear Cub and her Two Year Molars keeping us up. If it's not her, then The Taz finds her way into our room. Most times, she just stands silently by my bedside, the sound of her thumb sucking and the feel of her stare waking me. But one night we had what I can only describe as an exorcism. Screaming, gnashing of teeth, convulsing body, attempts at eye gouging. This very night, Bear Cub slept like it was her FTJ. (Full Time Job.) Go figure.

Coupled with that, our entire brood has been coughing like we are 92 year old men with emphysema. Three weeks and counting on that front. It's gross.

Then, as if I didn't have enough horrible images saved up in my head to cause nightmares during the few hours of sleep I do get...I had the following conversation with the neighbor.

"Nikki, have you heard about the wild boar infestation we have in our development?"
"Uhm, no. Like. Real Boars?"
"Yeah. Scott saw a pack of 6 adults and 4 babies run along the swamp line last night."
"Like. Real Boars?"
"Yeah. I guess they've been bred with Russian boars, so their really aggressive.They're a real problem all over central Florida."
"Real Boars. Not at all like Pumbaa?"
"Don't worry though, they just hang out in the wooded areas, and only come out at night."

Then, because we're the type that like to kick ourselves when we're down, we upgraded everyone to big girl beds. No more toddler bed for The Taz and no more crib for Bear Cub.

So this morning, after craptacular night of sleep number 136, as The Taz started poking Bear Cub in the chest, ordering her around and telling her she was a stupid poo poo baby head, I could feel the sting start in my eyes.  81 fights ensued before the coffee was even finished brewing and I found myself incapable of any kind of parenting. There was only one thing left to do. So I let the flood gates open and I cried. I ugly cried. I sob cried. I cried on the floor. I cried in the bathroom. I cried on the couch. I cried on the stairs. 

I pulled myself together just in time to see The Taz hit Bear Cub in the face. So I put her in a time-out in her room. As I was walking away, she said matter-of-factly "Mom, I always hate you." I quit crying at this point and just bawled. 

I started in at 8:30am and finally dried out around 3:00 this afternoon only letting up to take advantage of the two free hours of child care at the YMCA. It was worse than the last Meltdown a few months back, which only lasted 40 minutes. As I type this, I know that this will be child's play compared to what is to come. God help us all when they are hormonal teenagers.

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  1. Ah..hugs to you. Out of the mouths of babes. I've been the recipient of it more then once. I don't think they get what they are saying or the real meaning of it but it stings non-the-less. I've taken to looking back at him, smiling sweetly and saying "well, I love you" NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM :)
    Heather G